Product Update September 2020 Part 1

Here is the update for the next 1-2 weeks in September.

We will restock in the next weeks:

  • 60% Brass Plates
  • 60% Aluminum Plates
  • KBDfans module foam
  • TOFU acrylic frosted 60% case
  • Stabilizers foam sticker
  • KBDfans 5° 60% keyboard aluminum case acrylic frosted
  • 60% WOOD CASE FOR DZ60 GH60 - Walnut
  • KBDfans Tofu 60% aluminum case (black, dark purple and dark green) 

And for sure we still have a lot of new products incoming:

  • Topre keyboard Silence- X
  • Spacebar Foam
  • Dz60rgb v2 Hot Swap Custom keyboard PCB
  • Gateron pre-lubed plate mounted stabilizers
  • Zilents v2- 65g - Tactile

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