Product Update September 2021

Here is the update for the next weeks. This can be in 1 week or even over a month depending on shipping delays!



  • DUROCK Stabilizer
  • DUROCK Switch Films
  • DUROCK Switches
  • Gateron Milky Yellow CAP Switches
  • Blank Keycaps
  • Cream Switches
  • Carbon Fiber Plates
  • DSA Dolch Keycaps
  • EPBT 9009 International Kit
  • EPBT Miami Night
  • EPBT Sushi
  • EPBT Grey Japanese
  • Tofu 60% Black
  • Boba Switches
  • Kailh Switches
  • KEYGEM Switch Lubricant



  • EPBT Pink on Black Keycaps
  • DSA simple Grey Keycaps
  • Acrylic Keyboard Stands
  • Premium Brush Size 1

There are more new products planned which we can not confirm today!

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