Group-Buy KBM Golden Locket

€ 108

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Starting: 2nd November 2022

Ending: 2nd December 2022

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"A set made out of my search for something that would be elegant, cute and distinctive while remaining subdued. Born out of this desire, this set strives to satisfy by using rose gold as an accent and a simple, yet unique, asymmetric divide; employing warm tones to give it a welcoming and homely sight whenever you take a seat, ready to put them to use, or look at it on a shelf."



  • The Base
  • The Ring Box -40s-
  • Dark Chocolate -Black Mods-
  • Gold Trim -Novelties-
  • NorDe Blend
  • The Gold Bar -Spacebar-
  • Deskmat
  • Golden Locket Metal Artisan



  • Dye-Sublimation PBT
  • Keycap Thickness: 1.7mm
  • Cherry Profile
  • Designed by PinkCynicism
  • Manufactured by KBM (KeyBee Manufacturing)


Metal Artisan Specifications:

  • Manufactured By KBM
  • CNC Milled Aluminum




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