PORTICO75 Keyboard Kit

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PORTICO75 Keyboard Kit

"Welcome to your gateway into mechanical keyboards. Portico75 is our entry-level keyboard designed from the ground up to offer the sound and feel of keyboards that cost much more. It is a compact 75% layout with a rotary encoder knob housed in a polycarbonate case." ~TKC

Watch a quick showcase of the Portico75 here  



Polycarbonate case colors

  • Clear
  • Smoke
  • Lavender
  • Blue 

Typing Angle: 8 degrees


  • Mounting style: Gasket-mounted, for a luxurious and cushioned typing feel
  • Plate material: FR4
  • Plate thickness: 1.5mm


  • Hot swap – no soldering required. It's easy to insert and change switches.
  • In-switch RGB and underglow. Note: these are not individually addressable.
  • Encoder knob Note: this is mappable in VIA, the keys are in the top right.
  • Compatible with VIA
  • USB-C connection via daughterboard. This allows for a lower connection on the case, better aesthetic, and even cable angle. 


  • Equals V3 Stabilizers
  • Screw-in, PCB-mounted stabilizers
  • Housings: includes 5 sets
  • Wires: includes four 2u wires, one 6.25u wire, and one 7u wire
  • SoulMate Kit


When you buy Portico, you'll get:

  • Portico case (top and bottom pieces)
  • PCB
  • Plate
  • Silicon dampening mat
  • Felt dampening mat
  • Standoffs (extra included)
  • Screws  (extra included)
  • V3 Stabilizers
  • USB-C cable
  • Protective carrying case 
  • All required tools for assembly: Screwdriver, TKC Switch Puller, Keycap Puller


Build Guide:

Portico75 is a keyboard kit. You will have to assemble it yourself. You'll also need to buy separately:

  • Switches (79 required for build)
  • Keycaps

Assembling a complete Portico75 keyboard will take around 60–90 minutes. See our written build guide, complete with photos, for a walkthrough of every step. 

For a video guide from Dutchmasters click here.

The default Portico75 layout can be adjusted in VIA Configurator.


Be careful when assembling the board. Do not overtighten the screws since this can lead to tension around the screws and cracks in the case.

Switches and keycaps are not included. You'll need to buy these separately.