HaluHalo Switches / 10pcs

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HaluHalo Switches were designed by Dangkeebs, to be manufactured by JWK/Durock. 

These switches combine our love for the Filipino dessert halo halo, and pastel tones.

The switches feature a pastel purple housing and pastel cyan stem.

They will be a sweet addition to any setup!



Recolored JWK/Durock linear (Same mold as Alpacas, Lil’ tyke, Dogikon, SoHo, Mauves, Moss, EV-01)

  • Linear Switch
  • Top Housing: Polycarbonate / Pastel purple
  • Stem: Polyoxymethylene (POM) / Pastel cyan
  • Bottom Housing: Nylon / Pastel purple
  • 63.5g Gold Plated Spring
  • PCB mount (5 pin)
  • No Factory Lube



US: Dangkeebs

CA: Aura Mech

Asia: ilumkb

Philippines: Mechanical Keyboards etc



Sold in a pack of 10pcs.