Group-Buy New Retro#66 65% Keyboard Kit

€ 429,99

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Group-Buy New Retro#66 65% Keyboard Kit

The New Retro#66 was desinged in 2021 which was even before Deadline Studio was established. The idea is to have a style that mixes modern and retro together.


Group-Buy Starts: March16th 2023
Group-Buy Ends:   April 16th 2023

Shipping ETA: Q3 2023


There is a limited pre-produced stock which will be delivered earlier sold here: 

New Retro#66 65% Keyboard Kit – KEYGEM

Extras can be found here: 

Group-Buy New Retro#66 - Extras – KEYGEM


  • Top case(Aluminum  anodized/E-coating)
  • Bottom case (Aluminum anodized/E-coating)
  • Front pack(PC)
  • Back pack (PC)
  • Left pack (Aluminum anodized)
  • Right pack (Aluminum anodized)
  • Decoration block (Aluminum anodized/E-coating)
  • Internal weight (PVD)
  • Weight badge (PVD)
  • Fr4 plate
  • Hotswap PCB
  • 0.25u decoration block (Aluminum anodized/E-coating、PC)
  • Connecting rod (Aluminum  anodized/E-coating)
  • Triangle bracket (Aluminum  anodized/E-coating)
  • PCB decoration block (Aluminum  anodized)
  • Knob*2 (Aluminum  anodized/E-coating)
  • Poron bottom cotton
  • Poron sandwich cotton
  • Poron vibration-absorbing cotton
  • Ixpe pad
  • Silicone
  • foot-stick  



  • Single Mode:
    • designed and produced by Mechlovin'Studio
    • Qmk/VIA supported
    • USB-C interface
  •  Dual Mode RGB:
    • Bluetooth 5.0 solution
    • VIA supported
    • USB-C interface


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The final product may be different from the rendered photos. There may be a slight variation in color.