KBDPAD MKII Mechanical Keyboard DIY KIT

€ 90

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KBDPAD MKII Mechanical Keyboard DIY KIT



  • Dimensions: 87 x 134 x 32mm
  • Aluminum Case weight: 483g
  • Brass / PC Plate


KBDpad MKII PCB features:       

  • Soldered version
  • Num lock indicator/backlight switch
  • All-1U switch compatibility
  • Comes with RGB underglow
  • USB Type C
  • ESD and overcurrent protection


KIT included

  • Case x1
  • Soldered pcb x1
  • Plate  x1
  • 2U Cherry screw-in stabs x3  NEW
  • PCB foam(DP1397) x1     NEW
  • USB-C cable(PJ0036) x1   NEW
  • Screws and rubber feet