Deskmat "Hubble Bubble"

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"Hubble and bubble,
Let’s stir up some trouble!
There’s something brewing in the Witch’s house,
It’s sickly sweet, bubbling away, and the stars are rising
Out of the cauldron.
The cats are all watching, their whiskers twitching with glee; meows and purrs, yellow eyes intently watching. The Witch is hard at work, she has lots to do,
After all, there are still oh so many naughty children to put in her brew!"

Art by @misia.illustrator in collaboration with @nostyle#5979



  • 900 x 400 x 4mm
  • Rubber non-slip bottom
  • “Rough” texture, greater mousing control and improved feel
  • “Tight” edge stitching, less likelihood of fraying





Sold in a pack of one Deskmat. No Keyboard included!