Group-Buy Dino104 Keyboard Kit

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FCFS (First Come First Serve) group buy, limited to 55 units on KEYGEM.

Dino104 is a top-mounted full-size keyboard themed after the dinosaur from the Google Chrome Dino Offline game. It features dinosaur-themed engravings on the top and bottom pieces, with a large internal brass weight to make the already heavy keyboard even heavier! The full-size layout was chosen partly because of the lack of full-size boards on the custom scene. This board was designed to shake that up a bit and to give full-size users some love. The seamless, wide-bezeled case design of the Dino104 gives it an even larger presence than a regular full-size would. 


Proto Images



  • Aluminum body
  • 7° typing angle
  • Top mount
  • 2 cm front height
  • 7.25 kg 16 pounds
  • PCB compatible with MX and Alps switches
  • PCB compatible with QMK and VIAL




  • NAVY (PANTONE 2767 C)
  • PINK (PANTONE 708 C) 
  • PLUM (PANTONE 690 C)





  • Aluminum Top Case
  • Aluminum Bottom Case
  • Brass Weight
  • Alu Plate
  • Solder PCB
  • Unified-C Daughterboard
  • 4 pin JST cables, Feet, & Screws



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