Monsgeek M1 Aluminium Keyboard Kit - Pre-Order

€ 125

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Monsgeek M1 Aluminium Keyboard Kit Pre-Order

We are happy to offer you the first Keyboard Kit from the new Brand Monsgeek.

In Stock and Pre-Order can not be combined!

The Sound Test was made on a prototype without Case Foam and Tape Mod!

Pre-Order Starts: 16th November 2022 - until Sold Out

Shipping ETA: April 2023



  • 75% full CNC Aluminium Barebone Kit with Knob
  • Gasket-Mount with Silicone Gaskets
  • Colors: Pink (anodized), Black (anodized) and E-White
  • RGB per-key
  • VIA/VIAL supported
  • Size: 33.2cm x 14.7cm x 3.3cm
  • Barebone Weight: 1.96kg
  • Polycarbonate Plate 
  • Available in ANSI or ISO



  • Coiled Cable
  • Teflon Strips for Force Break Mod
  • PCB Tape included for Tape Mod
  • Screw-in Stabilizers
  • Custom Foam, Similar to Poron


No Switches or Keycaps included.