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This listing is for body only.

The Body Only kit includes:

  • Base and mid piece in color of your choice
  • 2 cork feet (1 preinstalled, 1 extra)
  • Aluminum full plate
  • Stainless steel weight
  • Custom Torx T6 hardware
  • Custom Premium Carrying Case

Foundation (/founˈdāSH(ə)n/)

:: a body or ground upon which something is built up or overlaid ::

Foundation is designed around this principle - to lay a foundation for you to build on. It’s meant to be modified and personalized over time and to be able to reinvent itself through the seasons of life.

Foundation features a magnetically interchangeable top that can be swapped out to match various keysets, deskmats or battle-station vibes. We all love this hobby and enjoy evolving our taste over time. Why not have a board that can evolve with you?

Group Buy runs June 22nd - July 6th

+ With a magnetic interface, you can hotswap the aesthetic top pieces made from Aluminium, Hand Dyed Plexiglass and Recycled Terrazzo Plastic to your hearts content.

+ Three base finishes including black, e-white and a textured wrinkle-grey powdercoat, eleven different top pieces in three materials, and four badge styles give you a large amount of choice to personalise your FOUNDATION.

+ Featuring a cork base piece, interchangeable top and bottom badges, and an elegant three piece design, FOUNDATION exemplifies our signature attention to detail. A choice of Solder or Hotswap PCBs by Mechlovin' rounds out this offering.


  • FRL TKL XT Layout (F Rowless, Tenkeyless, Extended macro column)
  • Hotswap magnetic aesthetic top plates for easy customization.
  • 3-piece body construction (base, mid, top)
  • 6063 aluminium body (base, mid, top), with additional tops in various materials and colours
  • Full adhesive backed cork foot
  • Top Mount
  • 2 detachable badges
  • RGB underglow windows
  • USB-C
  • Custom silkscreen PCB made by Mechlovin (Hotswap & Solder)
  • Custom made Torx T6 hardware throughout
  • Stainless steel weight
  • Three finishes: (1) Black Anodized (2) E-white (3) Wrinkle grey powder coat



  • USA & UK: Protozoa
  • Canada: Ashkeebs
  • SEA: HEX Keyboards
  • OCE: Daily Clack
  • China & Asia: zFrontier


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    The final product may be different from the rendered photos. There may be a slight variation in color.  

    Only the parts mentioned in the Kits are included. No Stabilizer, Switches or Keycaps.