Group-Buy Miami Dawn Keycap Set

€ 95

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Group-Buy  Miami Dawn Keycap Set

A new day on a classic keycap set. Miami Dawn pairs the classic beige colorway with the pop of Miami. A mashup of two incredibly influential keycap sets, Miami Dawn offers a more subtle experience for those after some Miami in their life.

The designer's goal with this run was to improve availability on his favorite GMK set, which suffered from poor kitting and an extremely limited run.

Manufactured by Chinese manufacturer Keykobo, using double-shot ABS. These keycaps are a premium offering at a very competitive price.

Group Buy Starts: March 30th 2023

Group Buy Ends: April 30th 2023

Estimated Shipping: Q3 2023 

  • Manufactured by Keykobo
  • Double-shot ABS
  • MG1/TU2/L9/U9 GMK colours - Matched 1:1
  • Packed in two-tier plastic trays with outer sleeve



Daily Clack - OCE

Mekibo - USA

Prototypist - UK

Apex Keyboards - CA

Hex Keyboards - SEA

SandKeys - MENA


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