Minimal "Silver Living" Custom USB Cable

€ 65

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KEYGEM x Keebstuff

"Keebstuff Kabelmanufaktur is a small startup business located in Germany. They focus on the design and production of high-quality cables for Keeb enthusiasts all over the world."

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This batch was made with the Weipu SF10 push-pull connector (see the last image) and not the Weipu SF12 as shown in the product pictures!


Cable Details

  • ~20cm coiled USB C device end, sleeved in mdpc-x Platinum X
  • ~1.8m straight USB2.0 A host end, sleeved in mdpc-x Platinum X
  • Weipu SF10 push-pull connector
  • Grey Shrinks


Tech Details

  • cable is USB 2.0, 2x AWG24 wire (power), 2x AWG28 wire (data), double shielded
  • cable diameter 4.5mm, coil inner diameter 10mm
  • mdpc-x is a uv-stable PET material produced in germany, similar to techflex but tighter meshed
  • 4-pin connectors from Weipu are grounded on 1 side


It is sold in a pack of 1 cable.