Ciel65 Keyboard Kit

€ 250

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Inside: Chicken

Outside: Cloud






  • Case: 6063 Aluminum or PC with a through Brass Weight
  • Finish: Anodised or Frosted, Brass will be passivated
  • Typing Angle: 6°
  • Mount: Gasket Gummy Worm O-Ring
  • PCB: QMK/VIA compatible, Multi-layout Hotswap, Solder in extras
  • Plate: 5052 Alu Plate anodized Silver, other options avail in extras, PC, FR4, Pom
  • Weight: 1.1kg unbuilt, 1.6kg built



  • Case
  • Brass weight
  • Plate
  • Multi-Layout Black Hotswap PCB
  • 50a 65% O'Ring
  • Custom Silicone Feet




Important Disclaimer: May not work with all O-ring sizes, PCB is not flashed, PCB is not interchangeable with Cannonkeys Bakeneko.



  • ParamountKeeb - NA
  • Mecha.Store- Asia
  • StacksKB  India
  • AlphaKeys  - CA
  • All caps - AU



Only the parts mentioned in the Kits are included. No Stabilizer, Switches or Keycaps.