AM Compact Touch by Angry Miao Pre-Order

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AM Compact Touch by Angry Miao Pre-Order

Two-Stage Adjustable Leaf Spring | Arrow Keys Touch Panel | Symmetric Aesthetic | DIY Blocker Lighting* | DeLorean Time Machine Inspired

 *Customizable 4-LED blocker lighting only applies to Laser and Mech Love versions.


Group-Buy Starts: March 14th 2023
Group-Buy Ends:  April 16th 2023

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  • Layout: New 60% layout simplified from 65%
  • Mounting method: two-stage adjustable leaf spring mount
  • Typing angle: 10°
  • Weight: Base Kit 1.40kg, Bundle 1.47kg
  • Material and craftsmanship: aluminum alloy body with anodized and/or electrophoretic finish
  • Dimensions: 296.7mm (L) * 119.8mm (W) * 20.4mm (front height without feet) / 39.2mm (rear height without feet)
  • Finish: anodizing, electrophoresis

  • PCB: 1.2mm hot-swap PCB with in-switch LEDs and cutouts, USB Type-C (supports C to C), Bluetooth 5.1; Separate PCBs for Touch Panel and blocker RGB lighting built-in; RGB and key layout configurable via Angry Miao DIY site.
        *AM is working on an optional PCB supporting split backspace.

  • Colors: Back to the Future (silver/grey), Night Drive (purple), All Black (black), 8-Bit (red/white), Hard Candy (blue/white), Laser (black+DIY blocker RGB), Mech Love (silver/black+DIY blocker RGB)

  • Versions: with or without "LESS IS MORE" engraving above the USB Type-C port


Included in the Base Kit

  • Keyboard Body (Aluminum alloy)
  • PCB (Hotswap)
  • FR4 Plate (Leaf Spring flex cuts)
  • Keyboard carrying case



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