Group-Buy XOX70 Keyboard Kit

€ 435

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Group Buy Starts: 31st August 2022

Group Buy Ends: 30th September 2022

Estimated Shipping: Late Q1 - Q2 2023

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Links to builds:


SwitchDoctorAU Typing Test


Prototype Images



  • 8-degree typing angle with 2 internal brass weights (E-Clear coat treated)
  • Screwless exterior design (adjusted for switch  & plate clearance and ease of assembly)
  • Gasket Leaf Spring (full plate  & half-plate, multiple materials)
    • POM & PC plate does not have flex cuts and leaf spring due to soft material
  • Solder and Hot-Swap PCB with flex cut (VIA ready) 1.6mm thick
  • Carry case included




Black & Silver


Lilac & Silver


E-White & E-Yellow


Moss & Black


Silver & Blue


Dark Red & Black




Standard Kit

Optional Extras: Order Here!

Case (WK/WKL) x 1

Solder / HS PCB

Alu Full Plate x 1

ALU, FR4 in Half Plates

Gaskets x 1

ALU, POM, PC, FR4 in full plates

Foam Pack x 1


Rubber feet x 1

Foam Pack

Solder or HS PCB x 1

Custom Screws

Badge assembly

Rubber Feet

Carry case x 1

3u stab wire x 2



  • USA - Mechs & Co.
  • Canada - Shockport Keyboards
  • SEA - ilumkb
  • UK - Proto[Typist]
  • Vietnam - Uniqmeck
  • South Korea - Swagkeys
  • OCE - Thocc Supply



  • XOX70 FAQ Q: WKL, ISO Support, Half plate please? A: Plz just scroll up, all of them are listed in the description, specs, renders and IRL photos
  • Q: Do I have to use included foam? A: No. Including foam cause…we all have personal PREFERENCE and making logistic easier for the vendors
  • Q: Could you please allow plate choice and PCB choice for the standard kit? A: PCB yes, plate no. This is to reduce possible shipping and packing errors and make logistics slightly simpler. For the number pros, there are 144 different combinations if we allow mix match all the available options, not including any extras
  • Q: Will the plate and PCB design file be released to the public? A: Plate file yes, PCB design file no. I do plan to have a rolling release for in-stock PCBs depending on the demand, regional vendors will have access to those if they want to stock them on a regular basis
  • Q: Can I have super slick/cute none typing-related features such as screen, knob, touchpad, fingerprint scanner, incense holder etc etc? A: Maybe in the future, right now XOX70 is a good keyboard and needs to do keyboard things
  • Q: Why the badge? A: Design to look like a computer screen, it shows the abundant relationship between input and display device, it also adds a small bit of flare so it doesn’t look like your office 3000 

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The final product may be different from the rendered photos. There may be a slight variation in color.  

Only the parts mentioned in the Kits are included. No Stabilizer, Switches or Keycaps.