TOFU Jr Keyboard Kit

€ 250

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TOFU Jr Keyboard Kit


New Design

Tofu Jr continues the design language of Tofu65 and is still a minimalist design style... with some small changes.


Gasket or top mount? It's up to you!

Pick the mounting style you love by matching it with different plate options to experience a completely different typing feel.


Programmable PCB

Programmable with QMK firmware and it supports online Via tools.

The PCB has a flex cut, and is 1.2mm thick. It also supports per-key RGB.

Tofu Jr's PCB is softer, thanks to the removal of the USB port and other hard points from the previous mounting system. It also benefits by using a daughterboard connection.



  • Aluminum case
  • Plate
  • Hotswapable PCB
  • Poron switch foam
  • Poron bottom case foam
  • Cherry screw-in Stabilizer
  • Stabilizer shims
  • Eva switch pad
  • Silicone gasket socks
  • Daughterboard
  • Rubber feet and screw
  • T6 screw wrench




Further Information:

  • You will need at least 68 Switches
  • Weight: 1053 grams, 2.3 pounds for case and weight unbuilt
  • The keys cap sizes to the right of the space bar are 1u size and the right shift is 1.75u
  • POM is a self-lubricating material, which is also relatively soft. Unlike Polycarbonate, the difference is that POM can give a deeper sound profile.