GPL 205 Grade 0 - 3ml


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GPL 205 GRADE 0 comes in a plastic or glass container with approximately 3ml (6g).

This lubricant is not recommended for tactile switches.

We recommend using it for stabilizers or linear switches to get a very smooth feeling. GPL 205g0 is a very thick grease (just a bit more fluid compared to GPL 205 Grade 2).

If you don't have any experience in lubing switches, we suggest that you take a look at a guide first. For example, this one posted on KEEBTALK.


Product Information

Non-flammable, non-silicone, high temperature stable (up to 355°F), fluorinated polymer lubricant.

Please store your lubricants in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight. If you notice slight separation, you can use your lubing brush to mix the product back together (this only tends to happen when exposed to higher temperatures). All product is shipped out in 3ml/5ml/10ml jars, which are nice and flat for easy access to all your lube, even when it runs low.

Lubricant can not be cleaned with soap and water and is resistant to many solvents. Although the lubricant is chemically stable and non-hazardous please wear gloves and place a protective layer of drop-plastic below any working surface. Spills are difficult to clean, and the lubricant will transfer from an operators hands to any surface they may touch. Please clean up any accidents with a microfiber cloth.

KEYGEM is not responsible for any damages which occur as a result of untrained or unsupervised use. This chemical is for industrial use only.


Entails 3ml (approx. 6g) of lubricant (click) in a plastic container.