LeonardoDaMouse X DCS Reaper Mouse


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The DCS Reaper x LeonardoDaMouse Collaboration features a Logitech X Pro Superlight that has been hand-painted to have a motif featuring a skull with smokey-looking souls rising into the air, those that have just been reaped by Death.



The mouse is coated with a matte 2k clear coat for protection. It will not show wear and tear from daily use - no shine on the mouse, even for you gamers out there with sweaty hands. The coating is also strong enough to prevent the paint from fading with time.


Mouse Specifications:

The Logitech Superlight is a popular mouse with a shape that fits most and has been upgraded with Kailh GM8.0 switches as well as Tiger Ice Skates to unlock your full potential.



63g after painting (essentially no weight added from painting)


The pictures are not renders. The pattern is random as every mouse is painted by hand. The same colors will be used on every mouse but the pattern may differ.


Sold in a pack of one Mouse.